Preliminary Program

Episode 8: March 12, VOICES ~ INSIDE / VOICES ~ OUTSIDE

"What does it matter who is speaking," someone said, "what does it matter who is speaking"

Gabriëlle Schleijpen, curator in chief of the Studium Generale program will introduce the 4 invited curators and connect the lectures and the performances they will be presenting during 4 succeeding days at theatre de Brakke Grond
Look Inside, Nils Bech delivers the final conclusion to the 8 VOICE ~ CREATURE OF TRANSITION sessions
The Clash between Body and Artwork, Ricardo Basbaum opens the session with a reflection on text, voice and collective speech

Episode 7: March 5, Siren Songs

The voice returned was not his own voice, although it merely sent his own words back to him.It was his voice turned into the other, and he would rather die than abandon himself to the other.

Chiara Fumai reads Valerie Solanas (2013), an interview between Chiara Fumai and Arnisa Zeqo
The echo of the voice is speaking to us… is speaking to me, a listening session contributed by noalanguageschool with excerpts from works by Meredith Monk, Joan La Barbara, Diamanda Galàs, Cathy Berberian and others

Episode 4: February 5, Computer Voice: The Ghost in the Machine

You cannot believe, my dear friend, how we were all seized by a magic feeling when we first heard the human voice and human speech which apparently didn't come from a human mouth. We looked at each other in silence and consternation and we all had goose-flesh produced by horror in the first moments.

The Acousmatic Voice, presentation by philosopher and writer Aaron Schuster on the phenomenon of the acousmatic voice
Computer Voice; the Ghost in the Machine, collaborative presentation by Martine Neddam, Arthur Dirksen and Andre Castro in three parts