Hélène Cixous

Hélène Cixous

The Chamber recalls its finding that towards the end of June 1994, in Gisenyi Prefecture, on the main road between Kivumu and Kayove, Bikindi used a public address system to state that the majority population, the Hutu, should rise up to exterminate the minority, the Tutsi

Simon Bikindi Trial, (2006 – 2008), Judgement

Were I again to have the opportunity to sing, to sing for Rwandans, I would go to the country of a thousand hills so that all Rwandans can hear me. I would climb right up to the highest peaks and once at the pinnacle I would lodge my appeal. I would invite Rwandans, Hutu, Twa and Tutsi alike, I would remind them that the tragic events that occurred in Rwanda have injured the hearts of all of us. I would invite them to sing in unison.

Simon Bikindi Trial, (2006 – 2008), Bikindi Appeals Hearing (sung)


A King Listens, Under the Jaguar Sun, Italo Calvino (1986)

Thing 001001 (the Yuppie Campaign)

Thing 001001 (The Yuppie Campaign)

Mercury Sable TV Commercial (1986)

Do You Wanna Dance, Bete Midler (1972)

Voices and Faces of the Adhan: Cairo

Rehearsal of Grand Rietveld Choir at GYM

Nils Bech, Look Inside, Performance at the Rietveld Academie


Mladen Dolar, A Voice And Nothing More

Acts of Voicing

Acts of Voicing, On the Poetics and Politics of the Voice, Edited by Iris Dressler, Hans D. Christ

The Accoustic Mirror. The Female Voice in Psychoanalysis and Cinema. A book by Kaja Silverman

The Accoustic Mirror, The Female Voice in Psychoanalysis and Cinema, a book by Kaja Silverman

Untitled, Adrian Sölch (2013)