Episode 2: January 15

I turn over the pictures of my voice in my head

Screening of the registration of a performance by Valie Export

Learning to Play the Instrument of Loss

A lecture performance by Marianna Maruyama

The Naked Voice

A performance by Jaap Blonk

Introduction hub~bub, news from Rietveld Uncut, a Beam Club sneak preview, and an in-depth Reading Group introduction to Mladen Dolar’s book A Voice and Nothing More by Clare Butcher.

Marianna Maruyama (1980, California) is an artist based in the Netherlands (where she moved after living in Japan). Through writing, audio recording, drawing and play, she looks for ways that sound and movement facilitate an understanding of position. Orientation and voice, specifically loss of position as it relates to loss of voice are dominant themes in her practice.

Jaap Blonk (1953, Woerden) performs an on-the-spot choice from his huge repertoire: sound poetry and voice pieces from the tradition (from Hugo Ball to John Cage), and from his own work (experimental texts, phonetic etudes, invented languages, improvisations).

16:00 till 17:00 in the GYM: first rehearsal of the Grand Rietveld Choir, conducted by Samuel Vriezen.